Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Buckeye Human Interest Stories

We're at that point in the offseason where the first week is close enough to taste, but still out of reach. It's a tough part of the year to get through. About the only good thing to come out of it is stories on the players. They're generally pretty cliched stuff, but it's still a chance to get to know a bit about the players. Here's a sampling:
  • Lawerence Wilson learns how to run, becomes starter - Neither part of that is especially accurate. Wilson was able to run before college (I've seen video, trust me), and according to Jim Heacock, Wilson's actually backing up Jay Richardson. However, he did improve his running style with the help of Butch Reynolds (former world record holder in the 400 meters, current OSU speed coordinator), and he will play a lot this year.
  • Doug Datish's father angered Woody Hayes. . . and lived! - Just a story about Doug Datish and his dad, who was on the team in the 70's. Datish has an opportunity to be the fourth consecutive Buckeye center to be drafted and start in the NFL. There's a streak that is somehow both impressive and almost completely uninteresting.
  • Quinn Pitcock, whatta guy - Your standard article about a guy stepping up and becoming a leader on the team. There were several of these about Troy Smith earlier this season. Both of those guys are sounding pretty impressive in the offseason. They both sound like they're doing the whole "getting it" thing, being a leader, working hard, doing all the little things. If it's not all talk, they could both be primed for big years. I'd love to see Q.P. continue playing the way he was at the end of last season. If he and the rest of the D-line can get pressure on the quarterback without the help of a blitz, it could really help out the newbies in the secondary.
Texas preview coming soon.

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