Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Li'l Sum'n Sum'n While You Wait

I've got my top 25 coming tomorrow or Friday, but while you wait, I insist you check out Men of the Scarlet and Gray's GameDay Preview. It's very entertaining. Distilled hilarity, even.

Oh, and the big news as far as OSU: Marcel Frost is suspended for the season. He violated team rules, but if he's got a season suspension (and not an arrest), he must have violated the hell out of said rules. Speculation seems to center around an NCAA rules violation, which would be incredibly stupid of him. It's also possible that this is the culmination of a series of misbehavior. Or, some third option. I won't speculate. It's a loss for the team, no question, but I think Rory Nicol's as good as Frost, and Brandon Smith is also capable. Plus, there's Stan White, Jr. and Dionte Johnson at fullback/H-Back to handle some blocking duties.

As for Clarett's situation, it is very sad and ridiculous. Just remember, he hasn't played a game for OSU since January 3rd, 2003. He's as much a part of this university as all the other freshman dropouts, which is to say: not much. Regardless, I still hope he gets his life straightened out, though that looks less and less likely as time goes on.

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