Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pronounced With an Umpty

Some links for y'all:

First, Marcel Frost has transferred to Jackson State. Or, as it's becoming known, Ohio State South. Like I said when Erik Haw transferred, hopefully we won't miss him too much, and hopefully he gets what he wants at Jackson State.

Next, there have been some changes at the linebacker positions, according to the Ozone.
According to linebackers coach Luke Fickell, the depth chart at linebacker has James Laurinaitis as the number one middle linebacker, Marcus Freeman as the leo linebacker, and John Kerr at the will linebacker.
I'm not too surprised to see Laurinaitis at middle linebacker; he seems like a good replacement for Schlegel. As someone pointed out in one forum or another, he was pretty much running the defense while on the field in the Spring game, much as Schlegel did last year. I am, however, surprised to see Freeman at the leo spot. That means he's taking over for Carpenter, not Hawk, which is a bit of a surprise to everyone. I think I'll defer to the coaches on this one, though. They've seen the practices, I haven't.

That might change on Monday, though. As you may know, there's an autograph session/practice that night, open to the public. It was originally scheduled to be held at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium, but it has been moved to the Horseshoe. I guess they realized that if we can bring 60,000 to a spring game, we can certainly fill a 12,000-seat stadium so close to the season. I was probably going to pass on the practice, since I'd have to drive to the stadium and get there early and everything, just to see a practice. But how can I pass up a chance to get into the Shoe for free and see some football? I don't think I can. If I do go, I'll see if I can get a couple pictures for you all.

Lastly, the athletic department has set up a couple Heisman websites for our candidates. Have a look at the Troy Smith for Heisman campaign and the Ted Ginn for Heisman campaign. It's not exactly billboards in Times Square, but then, we're not exactly Oregon. They have highlight videos on there, and they aren't bad, but they aren't anything spectacular. You can find stuff just as good on YouTube. But then, if you want Troy Smith highlights, just look at the Michigan games. And Ted Ginn highlights? Look no further than the Fiesta Bowl.

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