Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Couple Links

As you may have seen elsewhere, CSTV.com is running a battle of the blogs between OSU and Michigan blogs this week. Buckeye Commentary handled Sunday's topic, arguing that OSU has a better gameday atmosphere than Michigan. Ryan of Pfef's Sports Blog took Monday's topic, arguing for the Horseshoe's superiority over the Big House. Both had the easier side of the debate, I think: OSU wins the atmosphere battle by default (jangling keys and tailgating on a golf course do not an atmosphere create), and the Horseshoe is superior to any hole in the ground, even if 107,500 people can fit in it. Nevertheless, the Buckeye bloggers did an excellent job in the debate, demonstrating clear superiority both rhetorical and moral. Plus, Michigan bloggers have poor hygiene and they enjoy clubbing seals.

I'm just kidding. Most Michigan bloggers shower regularly, and their representatives did a fine, if very verbose, job in the battle of blogs. However, there is no evidence that they don't not club seals.

I'm up on Wednesday in the Battle, incidentally. So stay tuned.

Next up, we have the depth chart (pdf file) for The Game. No stunning changes, but here's some notables:
  • Tim Schafer is still listed as the starter at left tackle. Alex Boone is second string. It would seem that whatever injury he has is still bothering him a bit. I'm not too worried though. As someone (Chris Spielman, I'm thinking, but I'm not sure) once said, injuries have a way of disappearing for the Michigan game. I'm guessing Boone will be magically healed a couple of series in.
  • The starter at right tackle is listed as Kirk Barton or Jon Skinner. I'm guessing this is a reward for Skinner playing well filling in along the line, but I'm not really sure. Can anyone shed any light?
  • The Buckeyes intend to come out in a 4-3 for a change, playing Marcus Freeman, James Laurinaitis, and John Kerr. Makes sense, seeing as Michigan's not exactly running a spread offense. I haven't really seen enough of John Kerr lately to evaluate if he's made any progress, but Ross Homan looked good against Northwestern. I'm guessing both guys will play quite a bit on Saturday.

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