Monday, November 27, 2006

Week Fourteen BlogPoll

I missed a lot taking my Thanksgiving vacation. There were several things that I wanted to talk about, but that's no longer timely, so I'm just moving on. BlogPoll!

1 Ohio State --
2 Southern Cal 1
3 Michigan 1
4 Florida 2
5 LSU 3
6 Wisconsin 1
7 Rutgers 2
8 Louisville 2
9 Auburn 5
10 Oklahoma 5
11 Boise State 2
12 Arkansas 8
13 Virginia Tech 7
14 California 2
15 West Virginia 4
16 Texas 4
17 Nebraska 4
18 Notre Dame 13
19 Wake Forest 3
20 Tennessee 1
21 Penn State 2
22 Brigham Young 2
23 Oregon State 3
24 Georgia Tech 7
25 Texas A&M 1

Dropped Out: Boston College (#18), Maryland (#25).

  • I feel dirty for moving USC above Michigan. I kinda think Michigan's better than USC, but USC has played a tougher schedule. Basically I rank them this way because I don't want a rematch for the national championship game, but USC is the only team I feel is good enough to warrant getting in over Michigan. Brian lays out the argument for ranking USC above Michigan, and it's pretty compelling. At least he makes an argument using actual information and working within the framework of the BCS, instead of forming a weak argument claiming that Michigan is more deserving, failing to back it up in any meaningful way, then closing with a half-assed plea for a playoff. You'd have to be pretty stupid to do that.
  • LSU vaults over Wisconsin and Rutgers, mostly because "LSU, top five team" doesn't sound as silly as "Wisconsin/Rutgers, top five team."
  • Auburn moves up, because someone has to, and the BCS computers like Auburn. When I have to pick sides, I prefer to pick the side made up of things that lack the ability to say "style points."
  • Oklahoma moves up because I've decided to remove the loss to Oregon from consideration, seeing as it wasn't really a loss. So it moves to a notch below "unimpressive win," and they're a one-loss team in a kinda weak conference. That's top ten-worthy.
  • Big drop for Arkansas as it turns out their best quarterback is their running back. Smaller drops for Texas and West Virginia, as they also need quarterbacks, but their QB problems are either due to injury or something we already knew about.
  • Huge drop for Notre Dame. Perhaps too big, but how do we know they're any better than the teams around them? They've played two very good teams and gotten crushed, which suggests they aren't top-10 material. They needed dramatic comebacks to beat UCLA and Michigan State, which suggests they probably aren't top-15 material. I don't entirely blame them for the weak schedule, but the fact remains - they haven't proven anything this season.
  • Another Georgia Tech loss, another Calvin Johnson disappearing act. The question is no longer "Why don't they throw to Calvin?" The question has become "Why doesn't he perform in big games?"

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Pfef said...

You know...I seriously thought about bringing up the Gene Wojciechowski article, but it looks like you beat me to it. I never even read it and I knew it was a terrible article. Woj is one of the worst writers over there, and all of his articles either have little to no merit, or are glaringly obvious. In this latest article, he managed to do both. "Michigan is more deserving than USC." Why? Just Because, apparently. "The BCS is terrible and there needs to be a playoff." You know what, a playoff does sound like a good idea! How come no one has brought that one up before? Welcome to 8 years ago, Gene.