Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Links

First, a Men of the Scarlet and Gray extravaganza! They're up against Maize and Brew in the Battle of the Blogs, discussing the biggest battle of the game: the OSU offense versus the Michigan defense. I'll leave it up to you to decide who wins the debate, but since you're reading a Buckeye blog, I have a guess who you're picking.

MotSaG isn't done, though. They also brought back Tressnac the Magnificent to display psychic powers both astonishing and humorous. My favorite line of the whole post: "May you return to your office to discover John L. Smith measuring for drapes." If only there was an opportunity to break that one out in normal conversation.

Next up, there's some love for Troy Smith from the big boys. Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel interviews him, with predictable results. Troy says nothing interesting, and no non-Buckeye fan has any real incentive to read it. Buckeye fans will eat it up, though, because it's Troy freakin' Smith. Pat Forde also checks in on with talk of Troy's dominance of Michigan the past two years. Again, nothing you didn't already know, but still worth a read.

Mandel's up again with an article about Michigan's defensive coordinator, Ron English. Replacing Jim Hermann with Ron English is probably the best move Lloyd Carr's made in years. I was sorry to see Hermann go, and now that I know his replacement is actually competent, I miss Jimbo even more. Though I am glad the mini-movement to call the Michigan defense "the English Majors" never got going. That would have gotten really old really quick.

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