Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Week Thirteen BlogPoll

1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan --
3 Southern Cal --
4 Arkansas --
5 Notre Dame 1
6 Florida 1
7 Wisconsin 2
8 LSU --
9 Rutgers 4
10 Louisville 1
11 West Virginia 2
12 Texas --
13 Boise State 1
14 Auburn 1
15 Oklahoma 2
16 California 6
17 Georgia Tech 2
18 Boston College 3
19 Tennessee 1
20 Virginia Tech 2
21 Nebraska 2
22 Wake Forest 6
23 Penn State 3
24 Brigham Young 1
25 Maryland 7

Dropped Out: Oregon (#24).

I'm in the midst of an annual tradition that, while less beloved than most associated with the Buckeyes, is nevertheless a regular part of my football season activities: the post-Michigan illness. Jumping in an ice-cold lake teeming with all sorts of little bugs, screaming for three hours at a game, and getting zero sleep inevitably leads to me getting sick. So no post yesterday. But anyone, on to the bullet points:

  • I didn't drop Michigan after The Game, because I do honestly think they're the second best team in America. Plus, as losses to OSU's go, a loss to Ohio State looks a lot better than a loss to Oregon State.
  • However, that doesn't mean that I'm in favor of a rematch. If Michigan had lost to OSU early in the season, that would be one thing. But if they lost in their last game, why give them another shot? If we're going to make the argument that the regular season means anything, there shouldn't be a rematch.

    However, if we're going to make the argument that the BCS should give us the best two teams in the national championship game, there should be a rematch. And I understand that logic, and I generally agree with it. But not in this case. Michigan had their chance, they lost. Give someone else a shot at it.
  • Florida won big, but against a 1-AA team. That's the equivalent of a bye week to me. The way I feel about playing a 1-AA team is that it cannot help you in my rankings, it can only hurt you.
  • Rutgers is only that high because I can't see dropping them below a team they just beat. But a loss to Cincinnati is a bad loss. I might change my mind on their ranking. I may just wait, however, since I think the wheels are about to fall off of Rutgers.
  • Penn State's back in the rankings, almost entirely because I like the Big Ten. Sure, you could argue that a team whose three losses all came to top-5 teams might not be that bad, but I won't make the argument. I'll just acknowledge my bias and move on.

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