Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quick Tech Update

I switched the blog over to Blogger Beta today, in hopes that it would make site customization and a potential site redesign easier. I've got everything looking more or less the way it was, but if you see something missing or something screwy, let me know.

As far as Blogger Beta goes, I'm not too terribly impressed with it. I was hoping it would make it easy to make adjustments to the dimensions of the site, as all that gray blank space kinda bugs me. It doesn't seem to allow that, due to the limitations of the template I'm using. So I may have to ditch the template, though that may not happen for a while. If there's ever a week not to make changes that screw up an Ohio State blog, this is it.


J Tin said...

It IS Possible to readjust the size of the text boxes, etc, to do away with all that gray space. If you see my site (, I started with the same template you have (rounders). To have the width problems corrected, I had to sacrifice the "rounded" corners on the text boxes, but I like the look a lot better when it fills up the page. I can let you know HOW to change the page if you are willing to have squared-off boxes and not quite as "smooth" a look. My site is a good example of what yours would sort of look like (not the same colors and stuff, but you get the idea).

Sean said...

Thanks, J, I poked around a bit and think I figured it out. But I'm putting the redesign on hold until at least after Michigan week. I'm busy enough as is. But if I have any questions, I'll drop you a line. You were volunteering to be tech support, right?