Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's Day

First off, I got mentioned over at Around The Oval, so if you're coming here from there, welcome. If not, go check it out. It's like this site, but better.

I was going to do a few individual posts today on some of this, but this whole "news" thing just keeps happening, so I'm gonna throw out some more links to catch up. More posts to follow, however.
  • Greg Oden partying (Deadspin) - Photography of our center of the near (and probably short-term) future getting down with a chick with a nonexistent skirt. Criminey. If this is what he's doing in high school, we're gonna have to lock him in his dorm from 7:00 Friday to noon Sunday to keep him off of Deadspin in the future. Glad he's enjoying himself, though. Just avoid the cameras in the future, Greg.
  • Spring Game Draft (Bucknuts) - The Scarlet team chose a punter with their first pick, taking A.J. Trapasso. This means that either Tressel's got 'em fully brainwashed on the importance of the punt, or there's not a lot of quality behind Trapasso at punter. Other draft notes: Curtis Terry went at OLB before presumed starter James Laurinaitis, Erik Haw went before Maurice Wells, and the Gray team has 3 of the top 4 presumed starting WR's. It's tough to tell how the Spring Game will shake out, because there's a lot of 1st team vs. 3rd team-type stuff going on that creates unexpected matchup problems, but it's tough not to like the Scarlet team, with Haw and Chris Wells, not to mention Rob Schoenhoft backing up Troy at QB. If the Gray team's passing game gets going, though, they could put up some points in a hurry. There's also a decent article at about the actual draft, more so the process than who was selected when.
  • The Carpenter Family and the NFL ( - Apparently Bobby Carpenter's dad was a running back in the NFL. I don't know if I never knew this, or knew this and forgot, but here's an article about how his dad's pretty much the anti-Archie Manning, letting his son do things his own way rather than running his life. It's a good article, but the most interesting thing is the fact that there's no quotes anywhere in the article. It talks about how Carpenter's dad would say this or that, but at no point is there a direct quote. Not saying that's good or bad, just sayin's all.
  • Adrian Peterson's legit car deal ( - Oklahoma decided there was no wrongdoing when Peterson bought a car, drove it for a while, then returned it. I'm not disagreeing with them, I'm just asking: If this had been our A.P., Antonio Pittman, instead of Oklahoma's, what would the reaction have been?
  • Alex Boone pleads no contest ( - He got a $300 fine and 10 days in jail, suspended if he completes an alcohol-education program. This guy should be suspended at least a game and not start at least the first two. I expect at least a one game unofficial suspension from Tressel, since it's apparently against athletic department policy to suspend first time offenders in this situation. If Tressel does any less, I'll be very disappointed.
  • Another article about our running backs ( - Gotta be honest, I just skimmed this one. Didn't look like any new information, but if you've got some time to kill, have at it.
Lots of Sports Illustrated today, for some reason. Good for them.

Stick around for more later on. I have a feeling I'll be calling Dennis Dodd an idiot, and possibly an asshat. Stay tuned.

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