Sunday, April 23, 2006

Trouble in Paradise?

Yahoo! Sports has apparently become a legitimate news source, as they've got one of the biggest pieces of college football news in months. According to the article, the family of Reggie Bush, that USC running back that you may have heard something about, lived in a $757,500 house until recently. That's not a problem in and of itself. The problem is that the name on the deed was Michael Michaels, a man notable for: A.) having a set of parents that must have hated him, and B.) being tied to a sports marketing company and an agent, both of which he was reportedly trying to steer Bush toward. Bush's parents, after being approached by some Yahoo! Sports people, up and vacated the premises. USC has asked the Pac-10 to investigate.

We're a step beyond "where there's smoke," and we're not quite to "you officially did wrong." This story's in the zone of "you might not get punished for this, but you screwed up." I assume ESPN's gonna have some pretty decent coverage of this, seeing as they're already conveniently located on USC's metaphorical jock.

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