Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Welcome to my new site, The 614. You may be aware of my other site, Sean's Site (see, I'm Sean, and I wanted a site, so I made one, and I called it Sean's Site. I'm so creative). Well, see, I have two interests in life: OSU football, and everything else. So I decided to create a separate blog dedicated to my first interest (the football), and leave the other site for my other interest (that pesky "everything else" that keeps getting in the way of football).

You might say, "Sean, there's no shortage of OSU sites and weblogs." You might also say, "Hell, Sean, you even link to some of them over there on the side! Why are you wasting your time and mine?" You might even say, "I'm a little hungry, where can I get a good BLT around here?" Well, my bacon-loving friend, you're on your own for the sandwich. As for the rest, sure, there's no shortage of OSU sites. I read a bunch of those sites. They don't update every day. I want new Buckeye info and opinion daily, if not hourly. I'm guessing I'm not alone in this. So, the way I figure it, if I add my opinion into the mix with the guys at Around the Oval and Buckeye Commentary and the rest, even if I don't do as good a job as they do (and I guarantee I won't do as well as those two), I'll still help scratch that itch we all have for Ohio State news, opinions, and ramblings.

But that's not all. I'm a student at OSU, for at least the next year, which puts me in the position of being able to offer different information than the rest do. "Which campus bar should I check out?" "What's the student opinion on the latest stupidity perpetrated by the OSU leadership?" "It's 2:00 in the morning on a Saturday and I'm drunk, naked, and on the Oval. Where's the cheapest place to eat?" These are questions I'll be able to answer. These are questions I intend to answer.

So, if you want measured, thoughtful opinion on U.S. foreign policy, you've come to the wrong place. If you want to type in all caps about how much you hate Mark May, you haven't come to the wrong place exactly, but you'd probably be better off in a forum somewhere else. If you want opinion on the latest goings on around Ohio State, and in the sports world in general, hopefully this'll be worth your time. If not, you'll always have that BLT. Unless you couldn't find one. Then you're pretty much out of luck. I'm sorry.

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