Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Quick hitters

Been busy the past couple days. I have a project due in a Logistics class, and some tricky Finance homework due, so time's been short. I should have some time freed up starting tonight.
  • I added Sexy Results and Straight Bangin' to the links. They aren't strictly sports sites, so I left them off the initial list o' links, but hey, they occasionally mention sports, and I read them daily, so on they go. First on my list of things to do to this blog is update the links, separate them out a little bit so they aren't so cluttered. But check out those two sites, if you don't already. Especially if you like rap music. In fact, if you don't, you might want to hold off on checking them out.
  • I got linked over at College Football Resource. Rock on.
  • Incredibly early SI Power Rankings can be found here. OSU's at the top, so I'm not gonna call it a bad list, but hell, we seldom know anything about who's good and bad the day before the season starts; what makes us think anyone has any idea in freakin' April? Still worth checking out simply because I think this is the first time in the Tressel Era I've read the phrase "offensive juggernaut Ohio State" when it wasn't sarcastic.
  • Congrats to OSU's new undergraduate student government prez and veep (Lantern story here). That's gotta be one of the more thankless things you can do with your time here at OSU. The best student governments in my time here have been pretty much invisible, and the bad ones have been viewed as useless or actually making things worse (much like real governments, I suppose). "Little of the credit for the good stuff, most of the blame for the bad stuff" seems to be a decent description of the USG - yet these people put in a lot of work and spent a lot of money to be a part of it. Seems crazy to me, but then I'm not trying to launch a career in politics. As an aside, the future VP's dad taught one of my stats classes. Nice guy, good professor.

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