Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Taking Care of Some Loose Ends

  • Yay, we beat Cincinnati! It was a decent game, aside from that first quarter.
  • Link update: Saturday Morning QB has moved, and I have fixed the link to reflect that. Only a month late!
  • Addition #1: Second Rate News, a Buckeyes blog, sort of. A good blog, certainly. It's entertaining, have a look.
  • Addition #2: Black Shoe Diaries, a fantastic Penn State blog. Know your enemy and all that, so check it out. Then keep checking it out, because it's good.
  • Addition #3: The Illini Report, a great Illinois blog that hasn't updated in two weeks. Figures, by the time I get around to updating links, Jake goes on vacation or something. Have a look anyway, and hope he updates again sometime soon.
  • Addition #4: Write On Sports, which I have already mentioned. It's a combination blog and collection of links, and worth a look.
  • I got an e-mail from Sam regarding a plan to have everyone wear scarlet to the Penn State game, as some sort of revenge for last year. I'm passing the plan along, but not because I wholeheartedly agree with it. I'm for the idea because I personally think that everyone should wear scarlet to every game, but that's more because it looks cool to have a solid color in the stadium. I'm not yet prepared to acknowledge any sort of rivalry with Penn State, so the idea of any retaliation or any effort to outdo them is silly to me. Right now, they're at about the same place as Wisconsin in my book: the fans kind of bug me sometimes, I don't like that we have so much trouble against them, but there's enough respect and indifference that it's not a rivalry for me. If they get a win this weekend, then maybe I'll call it a rivalry, but as of now, they're just a quality opponent. So wear scarlet to the game, certainly. But wear scarlet to every game, and don't get too worked up about this being a revenge game. And please, try to treat Penn State fans with respect. Treat your couches with respect, as well. Don't set either on fire.

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The following should not be set on fire: furniture, Nittany Lions fans

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