Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tarell Brown Suspended for Game Against Bucks

Tarell Brown, the Longhorn's #1 cornerback, has been suspended after being charged with a couple misdemeanors for carrying a weapon and posession of marijuana.

Not a lot to say here. Mack Brown did the right thing in suspending the guy, but I don't think anyone really expected him to do otherwise. It's a definite loss for the Longhorns, and I really think I wish they hadn't suspended the guy. I'd have rather played Texas at their best, as opposed to when they're missing one of their top defensive players.

Very stupid of Tarell Brown, though. It sounds like it may have been a case of simply hanging out with the wrong crowd, not necessarily him doing something wrong. But how do you even get yourself into that situation this week? You can do stupid things the rest of the year; why choose the week when you're involved in a 1 vs. 2 matchup?

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ohiostateonline said...

He had the gun, so come on wrong place wrong time. he was just stupid. sorry about being harsh but common sense should play a part.