Monday, September 11, 2006

Week Three BlogPoll

1 Ohio State --
2 Southern Cal 1
3 Auburn 1
4 Notre Dame 5
5 Louisiana State --
6 Texas 4
7 Florida 1
8 West Virginia 2
9 Michigan 1
10 Georgia 3
11 Nebraska 3
12 Iowa 5
13 Oregon 4
14 Oklahoma 4
15 Tennessee 1
16 Arizona State 3
17 Louisville 9
18 Virginia Tech 2
19 Florida State 4
20 Penn State 8
21 Cal --
22 Miami (Florida) 1
23 Michigan State 1
24 Boston College 2
25 Wisconsin --

Dropped Out: Clemson (#11), Alabama (#22).

Games Watched: All of Ohio State - Texas, parts of Notre Dame - Penn State, Iowa - Syracuse, and Virginia Tech - North Carolina

  • Yeah, I didn't watch too many games. What can I say? Saturday was a party.
  • I still don't know if Notre Dame was that good or Penn State was that bad. Probably a bit of both. For now, though, I'm working under the assumption that Notre Dame's good. This could be like their Pitt win last year, though: a "big" win over a team that turned out to be much worse than expected.
  • Auburn-LSU is gonna be pretty big. I'm excited about that one.
  • I was hesitant to punish Texas too much for the loss. If their coaches continue to be so stupid, however, this won't be their last loss. C'mon guys, run the ball. And also, put two guys on the awesome receivers.
  • West Virginia drops a bit not for being bad (they played well), but just because Notre Dame and Florida looked like more complete teams.
  • Iowa drops for almost losing to Syracuse. It's true, they were without Drew Tate, but still, it's Syracuse guys. And these aren't the Donovan McNabb years. Or the Marvin Harrison years. And they're certainly not the Jim Brown years. Get your act together, Hawkeyes. That was a badass goal line stand, though, regardless of opponent.
  • A bunch of teams moved up in the teens not by playing well, but by virtue of Clemson and Penn State losing, as well as Florida State and Tennessee continuing to look like crap.
  • I'm sorry, Louisville. I will try to behave in a less knee-jerk fashion in the future. In exchange, you must not lay an egg against a team you should beat.
  • Looks like half of the same old Clemson team: close losses against teams they should probably beat. The other half? Upset wins against FSU. They could get that this weekend.
  • Bama, I know nothing about you, but if you want to stay in my poll, you are going to have to put up some more impressive numbers. A 13-10 win over Vandy is not gonna cut it.
Disagree with the rankings? Feel free to present your case below. I will be happy to adjust my poll tomorrow night if a persuasive argument is made.

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