Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Is it lonely up there on your pedestal, Patrick?

Be advised: Heisman Pundit has determined the following blogs to be an embarrassment to the world of college weblogs:

Bruins Nation
Burnt Orange Nation

Adjust your reading habits accordingly.

Seriously, though, this seems kind of silly to me. This certainly appears to have something to do with the little extended spat he had with B.O.N. (and SBNation as a whole? I dunno). There's some validity to his arguments, but he's essentially saying these blogs are bad because they're so juvenile, as a way of continuing and elevating a juvenile argument with them. That's irony (is it? I don't know what irony is anymore).

Besides, if you ask me (nobody did, I know), there's a place in our little corner of the blogging world for juvenile humor and partisan blogs. The audience for college football blogs is pretty broad: for every person that wants reasoned, unbiased, intelligent analysis, there's another person that wants to hear about how the idiot refs screwed the good guys in that big game against those bastards at Tech. Is it an embarrassment to appeal to the opposite end of the spectrum? Is Howard Stern an embarrassment to NPR, or vice versa? I don't think so.

I don't read B.O.N. or BruinsNation regularly, mostly because I'm not a UT or UCLA fan, and they're skewed to appeal to the fans of those programs. If I was a fan of the Longhorns or Bruins, I certainly would read them regularly, and probably think they were great blogs. As it is, I don't think they're bad, and they certainly aren't an embarrassment to me or, I think, the rest of the college football blogs. HeismanPundit's certainly within his rights to think otherwise, though.

I'll close with the simplest (and therefore probably best) response to HP's comments: If you don't like it, don't read it.


Willy Wonka said...

The problem with what you're saying, of course, is that it's reasonable and tempered. Which is no way to get a quote in today's high-charged media! ;)

Just came across this blog, and like what I see. We'll have to start communicating as the showdown in Austin approaches. I do think, this year, that you may want to keep an eye on the Longhorns. Your road to the title goes through Austin, as ours went through Columbus last year.

As for HP, got suckered into that little blog war, to nobody's benefit, except possibly his. He seems to enjoy that kind of thing.

I think your advice is best: if we don't like him, don't read him.

Not so hard, is it?

Burnt Orange Nation

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