Thursday, May 11, 2006

My ever-expanding social circle

Well, I don't know if this is what HP had in mind, but since posting about his post, I've started to read Burnt Orange Nation regularly. I've revised my initial opinion on the blog. It's not just a decent site; it's a good one. It's link-worthy, and so it has been added to the list to your right. Plus, as Peter of BON mentioned, it might be a good idea to keep tabs on the Longhorns, seeing as the football team will be headed down that way September 9 on the quest for the national (or at least Big 10) championship.

Also added to the list is Wizard of Odds, which I had read occasionally, but hadn't thought about until Around the Oval mentioned him. Good site.

Finally, Maize n Brew has also been added. It's another in the collection of annoyingly good blogs for the school up north. Jerks.


Willy Wonka said...

Thanks for the nod, 614. I've added your own site to the blogroll on BON as well. I'll give the readers a formal introduction at some point soon. And we should exchange some Q&A later this summer for the big game.


Zick said...

I like this interaction between bloggers who are fans of their respective schools. Could make for some interesting content when the OSU-UT game gets closer [and after the game as well].

Maize n Brew Dave said...

Good stuff Sean. Any reference to tear gassing students get's high marks in my book.

Thanks for the link.