Thursday, May 11, 2006

More additions to the non-conference schedule

Well, either Thad Matta knows no fear when it comes to scheduling, or (more likely) the athletic department really likes money. I read in UWeekly (an independent student newspaper) that the basketball team will be playing Florida, Tennessee, Cincinnati, and Iowa State this season, in addition to North Carolina. That is some rough scheduling for an experienced team, but it'll be especially hard on a team that will have so many freshmen playing important roles. UNC and Florida will be on the road, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the team drop both of them, but the rest are at home and should be very winnable.

It wouldn't be fun to see the team drop 3 or 4 games headed into conference play, but if they managed to win all those games, it'd be a heckuva start to the season. Win or lose, it should be exciting.


O-FACE said...

Actually its not that bad. Iowa state lost 4 of its top 5 scorers. Cincinnati...well you know the deal with them, lost 4 top scorers as well, Tennessee will be tough, but that team has zero height. NC lost 2 seniors who accounted for about 39 percent of the scoring so it won't be easy but definitely not out of reach. Florida....well you saw what they did last year.

Sean said...

Yeah, Florida and UNC are the ones I'm most worried about. Tennessee's good, but I think they're a few years away from being great, so I guess it's good we get our home and home with them in now.

I didn't realize Iowa State and Cincinnati had lost that much. I wasn't too worried about either one, but it's good to hear they'll be breaking in as many new players as we are, though presumably they will be starting fewer Greg Odens than we are.