Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Busy Day

Sorry I didn't get a post in today. Between work and life outside of work, I wasn't left with much time to work in a post.

I did, however, want to direct you to Buckeye Commentary's interview with Bruce Feldman. You are likely aware of it already, but if not, you should read it. There were some good questions for Feldman, and he gave some good answers. There's no earth-shattering revelations (there hardly ever are in June), but it's well worth your time. That's right, I'm making judgments about how you should spend your time. And I don't even know you.

Feldman's one of the people that make me seriously consider becoming an ESPN Insider. His blog seems worth reading, and that, combined with the occasional other articles of interest, moves a subscription into the "seriously consider" category, especially now that I have some income. Insider's behind an XBox 360 (probably) and NCAA Football 2007 (definitely) in the things I'll spend my money on in the near future, but it's something I think I'd be interested in. Is it worth it, current and/or former Insiders? More importantly, would the money be better spent on cheap beer? Because cheap beer is very dear to my heart. My liver, not so much.

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The fourth Google Image Search result for "sad liver." The surprising thing is that he wasn't first.

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