Thursday, June 22, 2006

You Know I Should Have Stayed in Bed

So, today did not go especially well. First, the U.S. lost to Ghana, getting themselves knocked out of the World Cup. I didn't see the game, since I was working, but I gather that Claudio Reyna, Bruce Arena, and the ref caused as much trouble for the team as Ghana. I still don't understand why Arena didn't use a second striker. I also don't understand the foul on Onyewu in the box. I also don't understand Reyna giving the assist to Ghana on their first goal. Basically, I don't understand a lot of that game. And now I'm left without a team to root for. I suppose I'll cheer for Australia, and maybe England, and maybe Brazil. But still, it was a let down.

And then, on my way home from work, I was ticketed by the Columbus Police Department for doing 37 in a 25, a zone which not so long ago had a speed limit of 35 mph. Now, my house here on campus has been broken into twice, and the police have made no progress in tracking down those perpetrators. But when I speed, they have no trouble tracking me down and hitting me up for $120. I wish they were so successful in getting my stuff back.

I guess I shouldn't complain, though. I knew the limit was 25 mph, and that it was a likely speed trap, but I was speeding anyway. No one to blame but myself. Still, not a good end to the day. But enough whining.

You know what just occurred to me? I'm a moustache away from appearing on the M-Zone. Or would be, if they took mugshots of people committing minor traffic violations. Which they don't. So I guess I'm not that close after all.

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Yost said...


Sorry to hear about the ticket. Are you sure you didn't have Michigan plates on the car? That's always a sure way to get a ticket there in Columbus.