Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Feel Like I'm Taking Crazy Pills!

I would have posted yesterday, but I was busy trying to set an NBA franchise back a decade. You see, I'm trying to get an NBA head coaching job, and that seems to be the way to do it.

Seriously, Isiah Thomas does arguably more damage as a GM than anyone in NBA history, and he gets more responsibility? What the hell?

Couple things to have a look at:
  • Brian at mgoblog warns OSU fans about overlooking Michigan. There's a variety of comments I could make here, but I just see all of them being quoted in a celebratory post at a Michigan blog following their victory, so I won't tempt karma. I will say, though, that while Texas may very well be favored when we play them, and the Iowa game will likely be a coin flip or thereabouts, OSU looks like a favorite in the rest of their games, due in no small part to favorable scheduling. Having Michigan and Penn State come to the 'Shoe worries me a lot less than going to their respective stadiums. If UM or PSU is being overlooked by fans, it's because we assume that the OSU football team will win more often than not when playing a team of roughly equal talent at home.

    That said, yeah, don't overlook Michigan (or Penn State, or anyone else, really). They're still Michigan, and along with 9-3 seasons and naked gunplay comes the ever-present possibility of defeating the Buckeyes. The possibility has grown smaller, however, with the departure of John Cooper (or, as he was better known during the various Weeks After Michigan he presided over, That Dumbass John Cooper).
  • This article in the Dispatch makes the claim that Terence Dials is better off not being drafted at all than going in the second-round, as it provides more options for him. Sure, if they say so. I'm still not sure I could see a Big Ten Player of the Year going undrafted. No, I don't expect him to be an All-Star, or even a starter, but are you telling me the guy couldn't provide help off the bench? With a little work, I expect him to work his way into the rotation somewhere.

    Also interesting is that J.J. Sullinger and Je'Kel Foster are hoping to latch on to an NBA team. Both are long-shots, but I wouldn't be stunned to see them latch on as role-players. J.J. could be your stereotypical energy guy off the bench, and if Je'Kel finds out where he left his shot at the end of the season, that might be enough to get him on a roster. But like I said, long-shots.

    And, one last random factoid from the article: Matt Sylvester grew up in Italy. I did not know that. I learned something today.


O-FACE said...

Best team they'll trout out since 2003 but still......Lloyd Carr is still the coach and the last 5 years have been terrible for the program that loses every September before the race has a chance to begin...

Sean said...

Now see, that may or may not be the sort of comment I would have made if I wasn't so afraid of karma.