Monday, June 12, 2006


  • The US gets stomped in the World Cup - I watched all of this one. It started bad and never got good. Other than a shaky defense, a midfield that couldn't start any attacks, and a set of forwards that were almost invisible, the team looked pretty solid, I thought. The Czechs are a good team, so I won't panic yet, but unless we can mount some sort of attack against Italy on Saturday and get a win, we're almost certainly out of the tournament.
  • '06 Basketball commit David Lighty gets arrested (HT: M-Zone) - Dude shoots a guy with a BB gun, laughs with his friends about it, and fails to leave the scene before the cops show up. You have to be a pretty big jackass to shoot someone with a BB gun and laugh about it, and you have to be a pretty big dumbass to wait around for the police after doing it. Unless this is some sort of giant misunderstanding, he'd better be kicked off the OSU basketball team. This program needs to be cleaner than most after the O'Brien incident, and no team should have this kind of guy on it.
  • Ben Roethlisberger injured in motorcycle accident - Details are still kind of sketchy, but it sounds like he wasn't wearing a helmet. Not very smart of him. Here's hoping he makes a quick, full recovery.


O-FACE said...

What Lighty did was stupid, but to get kicked out of school is far and beyond the punishment. I've been shot with a BB gun before and you have to wear a mini skirt and pompoms for it to hurt.....Stupid I agree, but arrested and kicked out is WAY over the top....

Sean said...

I disagree with you there. Shooting at someone for his own entertainment is above-average jackassery, even if he did just use a BB gun. And while I admit that it probably didn't hurt the target much in this case, I've also used a BB gun to kill a bird, so there is the possibility of causing some damage with one.

I'd argue that he should be kicked off the team just because he appears to be a morally deficient individual on a team that can't afford to have players misbehaving. Hell, keep him on scholarship, give him a chance at an education, just don't put him on the bench or on the court.

However, I realize that's probably unrealistic. They're considering felonious assault charges against him. If they go for that, and if he's convicted, then he's gone. Other than that, he's still gonna be on the team. Maybe that's not so bad, and maybe he does deserve a second chance, but he'd have a long way to go to convince me he's worth cheering for.