Friday, June 23, 2006

Ze Goggles, They Do Nothing!

So, it's already mentioned elsewhere, but Oregon's new uniforms are very ugly. They're ugly now, and they're going to be worse once they start mixing and matching. I sorta feel bad about all the bitching OSU fans did about the uniform change earlier this year. It's like complaining about being hungry, then seeing starving people in some third-world country. I mean, sure, I don't like the stripe change on our uniform, but at least they didn't put that diamondplate pattern on everything. Check out the Uni Watch blog for an exhaustive analysis of the new Oregon unis.

Looking at the pictures, I got to thinking: if you were an Oregon fan, how many wins would you trade a year to not have Nike tinkering with your team's uniform like that? I would seriously consider trading a win a season for some decent-looking uniforms. I mean, wins are great and all, but what good is a win if your team's uniforms are so hideous that you are unable to gaze upon their victory without being blinded by ugliness?

Oh, and sorry for missing another day on Wednesday. This job's taking a lot of time, and sometimes I'm not willing to spend even more time in front of a computer after I get off work. To make it up to y'all, I'll try to post on the weekends, so you can read the same amount of blathering from me, just more spread out.


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