Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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Like I said, this is Finals Week at Ohio State. Contrary to what you might think, this isn't quite as bad as it's made out to be. If you have two (or three) finals without enough time to adequately study, or if you have a brutal final, then it's no fun at all. Other than that, it's not too bad a time. When you don't have to study, you have nothing to do, which for me means a lot of music video and game show watching, but for others results in equally unconstructive activities, like going to the bar or hanging out on the Oval. Basically, unless you go the route of sorrow and major in engineering, pre-med, or something similar, it's about 49% having fun and killing time, 49% studying, .25% happiness because you how to answer most of an exam, and 1.75% terror because you have no idea what any of that stuff on the exam is, and you are in fact unsure about whether you've been attending the right class all quarter. Good times.

There's a couple new (or new to me) Buckeye blogs out there for you to have a gander at:
  • Buckeye Banter - For some reason, it doesn't look quite right in Firefox, but it's still readable. It's a great place to go for Ohio State news, and well worth reading regularly. Check it out.
  • Death Cab for Woody - A more general blog, focused not just on OSU sports, but also music and that strange sport known as "hockey." I must admit, I don't quite understand it.

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    Your Canadian sport frightens and confuses me!

    However, as a fan of a sport even less popular than hockey (joga bonito, baby), who am I to judge? And, I must admit to following hockey, however casually (even went to a Blue Jackets game and saw them get whomped by the Red Wings), so all is well. Besides, it's a well-written, entertaining site, regardless of topic. And that name is fantastic.
I just noticed that I got linked at mgoblog. Don't know how I missed that one, seeing as it's a mention from one of the biggest college football blogs. That deserves a "w00t!" even if "w00t" is very nerdy of me, and the link does come from one of those diabolical Michigan blogs.


Badger Tracker said...

Trust me, not many of us are under the illusion that finals week at OSU is a difficult time.

Sean said...

That's it, badger tracker, you're off my Christmas card list. Don't worry, though, you're still on the Arbor Day card list.

And, in the interest of nipping this outdated propaganda in the bud, here's some rankings of OSU's business programs. I'm in that 8th-ranked Finance program. Good, not great, but pretty damn good for a public university and getting better.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sean!

Thanks for the heads-up on Firefox. With the recent problems I have had with Blogger, I am switching to another blogging tool (maybe WordPress or Nucleus) over the weekend. While I had downloaded Mozilla's Firefox and their email program Thunderbird a long time ago, I really only use email one. But when I checked out my site through Firefox, it's all messed up. While 4 out of 5 (internet surfers, dentists, etc.) still use MSIE, I hope to have it more Firefox-friendly by Monday.

Matt from Buckeye Banter