Thursday, June 15, 2006

Those Crazy Non-College Football Sports

From the world of sports that think they matter:
  • Ben Roethlisberger apologizes - Hey, don't apologize to me, man. Apologize to your face. If you hadn't been a moron, it'd be fine right now. A full discussion of the stupidity of risking an NFL career by riding a motorcycle helmetless has already been discussed elsewhere (more capably than I could manage), so I will not say anything further here.

    I thought that maybe his accident would have an impact on other motorcycle riders, but from the small sample of riders I saw on the highway today, that doesn't seem to be the case. I saw three bikers, two without helmets. And one actually had a helmet strapped to his bike. That's just tempting fate, dude.
  • Ozzie Guillen yells at a rookie pitcher for not hitting a player - This is why I think baseball's stupid. In professional football, the written rules (specifically the ones against having fun) are what bugs me. In MLB, it's the unwritten rules. For example, a manager leaving the dugout to argue balls and strikes in the 4th inning, knowing full well he's going to get kicked out and not change anything. Or two teams deciding to have a benches-clearing "brawl," where both teams will meet in the infield and hope that nobody actually throws a punch. Or in this case, where a rookie pitcher is brought into the game specifically to throw at a player, and then getting yelled at by his manager when he is unsuccessful in his attempt. John Chaney did something very similar in a college basketball game, was suspended three games for it, and there was extensive discussion about how he should be punished worse, or be fired for it. Yet this is considered just part of the game in baseball. It's a game that doesn't make much sense sometimes. Plus, it's a slow game, with a lot of spitting and scratching. And the coaches wear uniforms. And Joe Buck is prominently involved. There's not much good about it.
  • Bruce Arena's considering changes to the World Cup lineup -I'd hope so, otherwise the guy should be fired immediately. I definitely think Eddie Johnson should be in the lineup, and I don't care if he's too similar to Brian McBride. He's just about the only one that looked willing to make something happen up front. I'd like to see John O'Brien replace Pablo Maestroni, as Pablo seemed pretty much invisible, and O'Brien looked pretty fit and capable when he was in. I'd like to see Clint Dempsey play, but that just might be because he's the only one on the team with a rap video. DaMarcus Beasley didn't seem to contribute much, so maybe Dempsey could replace him, though Dempsey's defensive skills are a concern. The author suggests a 4-4-2 for the team, with Johnson and McBride up front, Claudio Reyna and O'Brien in the middle, and Bobby Convey and Landon Donovan at the left and right midfield, respectively. That seems pretty reasonable to me.

    I'd like to know, though, why Reyna and McBride are considered untouchable. I realize Arena loves McBride (and I can relate, seeing as he played for years with the Columbus Crew), but did McBride do anything against the Czechs? And has Reyna been all that impressive? I'd like to see Reyna replaced by a defensive midfielder, allowing Donovan to play attacking mid, but we don't really seem to have anyone capable of playing the defensive mid role, so I guess we have to make do with what we have. Hopefully Arena can put something together and get a win against Italy, but in reality a draw would be pretty impressive for the team.

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Nico said...

I definately vote for Dempsey to replace Beasley.